Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Week. (Blogging Already Failed?)

1st Week. Blogging has been a failure. 
Ok. Let's see... I ended with talking about Monday.  
Tuesday: I went to Ray of Hope for the first time for my two months and it was a lot of fun! I was in the office from 9- about 10:30 and learned a little bit about how different things are ran and handled there. And then from 10:30-12 I sat in the living area with some of the residents and was supposed to learn how to answer the phone and take messages and what to say if people ask certain things, but the phone never rang. I ended up just being able to hang with them and get to know a few people and start to build friendships. At 12, I was welcomed to eat lunch with them and then was sent across the street to their thrift store to learn how things work there. The heater was broken in the manager's office, so I was put on the floor to talk to customers and residents that were serving their time for the day. (Each resident at Ray of Hope has to serve at Hope Thrift for at least 2 hours a day.) I learned how to do the cash register and again had the opportunity to just hang, talk, and build relationships. I loved it. When 4 o'clock rolled around and Jo and Berta came and picked me up, I was beat. 
I got back to the Ranch, it was almost dinner and time fr chapel. This chapel was a special chapel. It was commissioning. A day I NEVER thought would roll around. Erin, Brittany, and I were brought up to the front, after the teaching, and prayed for as we go on with the next stage. Erin and I are both staying in Montana and working in the office at the Ranch, at Ray of Hope, and will be cleaning a church once a week. Brittany, on the other hand, will be going with her husband to Hawaii and hopefully get plugged in with a homeless shelter there and be starting a Bible study with the Military wives. (Please continue to pray for the three of us!!!)
Wednesday: Wednesday was a bittersweet day. This was the day that Brittany left. We dropped her off and I started crying... I gave her a HUGE hug and gave her 3 Hershey kisses. After that, we went to Hope Pregnancy Center and helped them organize baby clothes.
Thursday: Again I went to Ray of Hope and was in the office in the morning and then back in the thrift store in the afternoon. I had such a great time with the residents that day. I laughed all day long and my face was in such pain when I got home from it. 
Friday: In the morning, I was in the office and helped do filing and answer phones. And then in the afternoon, I helped direct the interns with cleaning and then went down to the office to clean with Erin. Friday night was an absolute bore and that continued into today...
Saturday: Today was a free day and I felt very much free. I sat around and made some valentines, did some emails, and am now updating the blog. 
Tomorrow we are going to Bruce's church and then we have a town run. Next week's schedule is going to be different from this past weeks. Please keep praying for me and everyone here. 
Thanks for reading!


  1. #1: You are not a blogging failure. A 1x/wk update is very good! Daily updates might be hard time-wise, yet you won't have to remember so much compared to 1x/wk. Thank you for the news!

    #2: Is stating that Friday night was bore relatively "complaining" which you said you would not do? HAHAH!

    #3: Prayers are continually being offered for you all there. And as well, keep praying for all of us here.

    Keep hard! Stay in touch.