Monday, February 21, 2011


1. sorry i didn't write last week!
2. this kid chris, at ray of hope, graduated high school last wednesday! big accomplishment!
3. i don't feel like using capital letters. sorry if you hate it.
today i was in the office and finished up transferring the information for the african children in the program (which was a big accomplishment), answered phones, 3-hole punched papers, cut photos for the child sponsorship packets, typed up a criminal record form, and pulled some original documents and made copies of them. i dressed up, just a bit, and everyone seemed to make a deal about it. but the one thing that hit me and made me stop, was when i was transferring information for this little girl named, winnie. when winnie's paperwork was first filled out, she was 6 1/2. she's an only child and lives with her mom. her mom is HIV positive and gets sick very often. when her mom is sick and in the hospital, winnie stays there and takes care of her mom. remember this was when she was 6 1/2. now she's about 8 1/2. she's probably doing the same thing. so many of those kids have stories like that, but that one stuck out today. it brought me to tears. her name is now written on my hand and it's a reminder to pray for her. 
her name is winnie. pray for her and her mom.
tomorrow's another day at ray of hope. i can't wait! hope you all are doing well! 
write me some letters or let me know how you're doing! just because i'm on the other side of the country, doesn't mean i don't care about you! 
love, darla maxine

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  1. Children have more strength and courage than is realized. These powers reveal themselves when they must. And, oh, they are very strong powers, indeed!