Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New, Improved, and Content.

Hey everyone!
Here's part 2 of my life on the other side of the country! 
My last day of class in on the 4th, I get commissioned on the 8th, and I am going to be doing so much around the ranch and at the homeless shelter in Kalispell called, Ray of Hope. I am so excited!
Ok... So let me tell you a little bit about what this new blog is all about. 
1st: The blog name: Home. 
This is my home. This is where the Lord has me. It may not always be Montana or it may be. He has me on this earth and it's a temporary home. I have many homes. But for right now, I live in a country with 308,745,538 people, a state with 974,989 people, and a town with 5032 people. 
2nd: The URL name: EasyOrWorthIt.
Pastor Michael challenged us the other night at chapel and said this quote and it really stuck. 
"He did not say it would be easy. He said it would be worth it."  I think that kinda describes my life the last four months. It hasn't been easy... But boy o boy... It's been very much worth it! 
3rd: The title of this post: New, Improved, and Content.
Well the new part makes sense, cause this is my NEW blog. This is going to be an improvement... There is going to be NO complaining whatsoever on this blog. I promise. And the content, shows that finally... After 4 months, I am content with being here and living here. This blog is going to be New, Improved, and Content.
Hope you guys enjoy this blog better than the last one. Please keep me accountable for posting and updating you all. Can't wait to be able to look back at these posts in 2 months and see how much the Lord has done in me, everything He's given me, and all the opportunities and doors He opened. 
Love, Darla Maxine


  1. Darla Maxine:
    Wow, ain't this the darndest thing?!
    Good for you, Daughter!
    Your Parents are surely proud of you.
    And so would be your Grandparents, who loved you dearly!
    PS: Joseph misses you, even though he will never admit to it.
    All of the cats send their best, even if you do have trouble recalling their names.
    We will continue to pray for the New, Improved, and Content YOU.
    Give your all with the time you have.
    Extend our glad tidings to your fellow Olneyans.
    Love xoxoxoxox your Philly Folk

  2. I. love. it. This is such a NEW & IMPROVED thing and girl and I'm so glad to see all that the Lord is doing in you! Keep pressing on, because sister, it IS so worth it.