Monday, February 7, 2011

Looking Professional.

Today was my 1st day working in the office. I decided that I would dress up and look professional. I learned how to deal with the phones and started working.  First job was filing, Second job was blacking out numbers, Third job was to put stamps on envelopes, and the Fourth job of the day was my favorite! My last job was to look through photos of the children, that get sponsored in Uganda, and pick the 2 cutest photos of each child. It was seriously the best. I had such a fun time in the office. This was just day one... It's just the beginning! Tomorrow is day two, yet still just day one. I'm going to Ray of Hope!!!


  1. Your photograph reminds me of you at ASC!
    PS: Did the filing make you dizzy? hah!

  2. warning: do not breathe in the fumes of the permanent markers....... %}

  3. aw you and sara are both going to have desk jobs! how cute!
    aw and the picking out pics of kids reminds me of when calvary does our week at old mill and Jenna takes the pics of the kids and we help her choose the best ones !!!!